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Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. FAVPRICINGTABLES is a responsive Joomla! module designed to showcase your offers and easily present their features and prices by using up to 5 pricing tables with multiple layouts and colors.

  2. This plugin helps you to organize simple download link for files with download counter in your Joomla articles. Create folder, select folder in plugin settings, upload files in your folder, put in joomla articles code (sdc and enjoy!

  3. This is a module that will select a random article for display each day (or other time period as you prefer)

    It is useful for sites with a lot of content that they wish to keep fresh as it allows older articles to be surfaced and rotated without effort.

  4. If you are involved with Internet Marketing, then you know the market place is getting more and more competitive. And there are many moving parts to deal with at the same time.

    One of these moving parts is conversion rate optimization. In other words how to convert your site visitors to customers, this is the Holy Grail of IM.

    And this is what TrustActivity will help you achieve.

    Social proof notifications build trust. Trust + a great offer = sales. More sales = more social proof. Let your existing customers sell for you!

    • Install the simple marketing pixel on each page of your website. Copy and paste into the header. It will take less than 1 minute.
    • Create a new campaign in the dashboard then follow the steps to get the best results. No technical experience required.
    • Get ready for take-off! Your visitors will start increasing within days. Kickback and watch your conversions go viral.

  5. A solution to call your clients for Joomla, via SMS, Voice or video channels. SMS, Click2Call and more!

    • Twilio for Joomla - Library: This extension is a wrapper of the official Twilio PHP SDK to install the SDK at the system level.
    • Twilio for Joomla - Ajax plugin: This plugin is going to allow the communication between the following modules and Twilio REST API.
    • Twilio for Joomla - Contact by SMS module: This module is going to provide a contact form to send SMS messages to a backend phone number.
    • Twilio for Joomla - Click 2 Call module: This module is going to establish a call between the customer a the backend phone number.

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